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I finally redid my website. I’ve been wanting something that would be really simple to update, and that wouldn’t need a lot of design tweaking. Something I could just focus on keeping up to date.

My sister suggested http://www.grandportfolio.com, and so far so good. So far it’s free too, and that is always helpful.

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Feb 27 2010

Feb 27 2010

Feb 27 2010

Feb 27 2010

The snow is really coming down these days. Our little path to the road needs shoveled out daily, but the snow blows and fills it in each night.

Crochet Cuff

I made this without knowing what it would be in the end. I really like this crochet motif, and wanted to try it out. It was very slow going because I used a lace weight yarn, but it’s so pretty, soft and delicate.

*made from undyed baby alpaca yarn

Embroidery floss

Embroidery and Crochet

New Fabric

Fngerless Gloves - yellow

Fingerless Gloves - yellow

My package of fabric came in the mail yesterday, from stefaniexu. She has a really great shop full of really cute fabrics. I have been a fan of Japanese prints for a while and finally bought some, as well as some nice plain linen cotton blends for embroidery. I’m hoping to make shopping bags out of some of the prints.

I also crocheted these fingerless gloves on the weekend for my mom. They were my first project in a while, and I really like how they turned out. I wanted to make some for myself too, but since I am a bit sensitive to wool I decided to make these ones for my mom out of wool I bought last year.

I found the pattern on Ravelry.com right here. – except I flipped them inside out after for a more flat texture. Then I added the fringe to it, out of Super Stitches Crochet, which has a really great selection of edges, as well as stitches in general. I want to crochet more so I can try out more edging patterns!

I’m going to try a different pattern for my fingerless gloves. I want to knit them, and I haven’t picked the pattern yet for sure, but I bought some merino wool, and I just need to get some double pointed needles now.

View from the window today

New embroidery hoops

My new embroidery hoops arrived today. All are 6″ in diametre. I’m going to have to do a lot of embroidery! I still want to crochet or knit some new mittens or fingerless gloves too. Mine are finally falling apart. Anyone know a good pattern?

I want to learn to knit! But only to make these. So soft, and cozy, and warm. Who knows where knitting might take me from there (I already crochet). So, I think I will take up knitting, as soon as I have the mental space and some knitting needles. I am allergic to wool though, so maybe alpaca? Or maybe wool won’t bother my hands.

I love alpaca fibre, and alpacas. I think I will own six one day.

Mysterious Vines Embroidery

Vintage style Flower Embroidery

Winter Embroidery

Hello, my name is Lori. I live near Toronto, Canada. This is where I keep my inspirations, ideas, projects, and updates.


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