Well, I have been away from here for a little while now, haven’t I? We’ve moved into our new space, and we are loving it! I’ve been away from the computer much more, enjoying being outside and just focusing on other things. I am trying to have more computer free time, so this is good. I need to focus on making, and living, and exploring. I think this winter will be much better than the last.

As an aside, I will be attending some marketplaces in November, with my paintings and some other fun things:

I will be at this years Canzine, at the Gladstone hotel on Sunday November 1st 1pm – 7pm. This is a great place to see, and buy all sorts of independent books and zines, as well as other alternative crafts.

and I will be back at this years Second Storie Indie Market in Rochester NY on November 28th and 29th. Last years event was so much fun, especially meeting so many interesting people. Also, I hope there will be more apple cider, because that was wonderful.

Follow the links for more information!