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This is my favourite recipe at the moment: G-Nut Special Sauce and Sweet Potatoes

Sorry I don’t have a photo of it*, but I assure you it is delicious, and also totally substitute friendly. Cumin spiced sweet potatoes, with spinach, and a delicious peanut butter sauce. It uses a couple more dishes than I would like, but it’s always worth it. We’ve tried it with squash too!


*but here is a gratuitous photo of Conor from this summer.


Apple Yarn Drawing, originally uploaded by hello trees.

This is another one of my favourite photos from A Simple Book. My husband and I bought a full bushel of Cortland apples from a nearby orchard in Meaford in October, and we still have quite a few left. When I was photographing my little apple yarn drawing, it was the perfect setting. I love the combination.

I am also selling some of the yarn drawings from the book here, because they are really cute on their own too!

highland cattle, originally uploaded by hello trees.

These are the cattle at our CSA in Durham, ON. I love them!

From my new little self published book which will be available soon!
It will be 30 pages, full colour, approximately 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″, and hand bound with waxed linen thread.

They are at the printers today and I’m waiting to see how they turn out, and get them all put together. Really excited!

P.S. If you are in the Toronto area this weekend, don’t miss Canzine at the Gladstone Hotel on Sunday from 1 – 6pm. I will be there!

Wild apples, originally uploaded by hello trees.

These are some of the many wild apple trees in the areas nearby. These ones were brilliant red and very sweet. I want to pick all of the apples I see. If I did, I would have quite a lot.

2nd Apple Pie, originally uploaded by hello trees.

My first was a gluten free one. This one is made with the pastry crust recipe in Veganomicon. It turned out really well!

First Black Seaman Tomato, originally uploaded by hello trees.

It was delicious.
One more is just about there.
And a new one is tiny still, despite this being a determinate tomato.

I’ve neglected to post more photos from my garden this month. It seems to be flying by, and we are moving at the end of it! Our two tomatoes are doing very well and I think the smaller of the two is about ready.

Summer has finally arrived this week with weather near 30 degrees, and feeling like 40. I am thankful for central air this week. All of the rain this month has really helped the garden too.
The great thing about container gardening is that anything that’s not ready to be picked will be packed up and moving with us to our new home.

I’m already planning for next year, which may be an in ground garden!

More garden photos here.

Our apartment is mostly packed already, except for the stuff we’re still using -mostly in the kitchen. It has made me glad that I have been sorting through and getting rid of a lot of stuff over the last two years.

Two weeks to go…

Yesterday was our two year anniversary, and to celebrate, my husband made this delicious dessert inspired by this recipe from Vegetarian Times. Except he doesn’t follow recipes– but I did a painting from the photo in high school and it’s hanging on our kitchen wall. It was delicious.

mulberries, originally uploaded by hello trees.

Surprise mulberry picking at Mt. Pleasant cemetery!

July 2, 2009 Alpine Strawberry, originally uploaded by hello trees.

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