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First Black Seaman Tomato, originally uploaded by hello trees.

It was delicious.
One more is just about there.
And a new one is tiny still, despite this being a determinate tomato.


I’ve neglected to post more photos from my garden this month. It seems to be flying by, and we are moving at the end of it! Our two tomatoes are doing very well and I think the smaller of the two is about ready.

Summer has finally arrived this week with weather near 30 degrees, and feeling like 40. I am thankful for central air this week. All of the rain this month has really helped the garden too.
The great thing about container gardening is that anything that’s not ready to be picked will be packed up and moving with us to our new home.

I’m already planning for next year, which may be an in ground garden!

More garden photos here.

Our apartment is mostly packed already, except for the stuff we’re still using -mostly in the kitchen. It has made me glad that I have been sorting through and getting rid of a lot of stuff over the last two years.

Two weeks to go…

pearl cotton

Some new pearl cotton in pretty peach and grey.
I have some fun things in mind!

And, our first bean:


July 2, 2009 Alpine Strawberry, originally uploaded by hello trees.

July 2, 2009 Balcony Garden, originally uploaded by hello trees.

I’m trying to remember to take more photos of the garden for comparison next year.

little fingers carrot, originally uploaded by hello trees.

I realized I haven’t posted any garden pictures in a while, and it’s coming along nicely. It’s hard to keep track of these things.

I’m really excited at the prospects of collecting all of this food soon!
Here are some photos from yesterday right before a huge thunder storm. Above are some little fingers carrots -true baby carrots. I wish I had kept track of when I planted them so that I would know when to pick them… I’ll try to remember this next year.

A variety of lettuces

early wonder tall top beets Early wonder tall top beets

bloomsdale spinachBloomsdale spinach
alpine strawberry
Also very excited about our first alpine strawberries. I had read somewhere that you need two plants in order for them to produce fruit, but it is looking good so far with just one!

For more garden photos, go here!

In our kitchen window.

chive flowers
chive flowers

I cut our chive flowers to encourage new growth

balcony garden
I spent all of last week in our deck garden. Planting seeds, replanting after Conor dug them up, planting plants, moving things around, and watering. Now I am waiting for little plants to shoot up. link

rainbow chard
Rainbow Chard! link

black sea man tomato
Black Sea Man Tomato link

alpine strawberry
Alpine Strawberry link

All of the seeds and plants are from Urban Harvest a great little nursery in Parkdale.

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