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conor and the squirrel, originally uploaded by lori hutchinson.



storm, originally uploaded by lori hutchinson.

I rearranged our bedroom on the weekend. I moved out an extra dresser that we had no room for, and now it is so much more relaxing in there.

I have an ongoing goal of stripping our possessions down to the bare essentials (excluding artwork and pretty things). In our last apartment I felt like I got rid of sooo much stuff, but when it came time to move I wondered where did all of this stuff come from?

Furniture is always a problem, because most of it was given to us, and furniture can be expensive to replace, so I always want to hang on to it even when it is just taking up space and not really serving a purpose. Now I am fighting that tendency and saying goodbye to said dresser, and maybe more stuff soon.

Just need some art on the walls. The cats like it too!

I wish I had taken a picture…

Yesterday was the first snow of the season, and it stayed around until morning when I left the house today. It’s all gone now. I am drinking a pot of jasmine green tea to myself to keep warm this evening, and still thinking about wraps, and slippers, and mittens. I’m thinking of crocheting something warm.

Also wish I had taken pictures at Canzine on Sunday, but I forgot to get my camera out the whole time. Fourtunately for you Blog TO has some pretty great coverage here.


I used an old throw pillow cover from ikea. Three more chairs to go, but I will have to find some more fabric I like.

tiny paper crane, originally uploaded by hello trees.

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