Sneak Peak

New embroidery I’m working on!

EDIT: Now available


new watercolour, originally uploaded by lori hutchinson.

storm, originally uploaded by lori hutchinson.

storm Dec 9th 2009

The big storm came this morning. It’s not doing much now, but when I woke up I could hardly see out the window. It’s supposed to come back later on today. I would like to take some photos outside, but I don’t want to leave the house.

Camilla Engman suitcase series

This came in the mail yesterday, and I am so excited! I’ve flipped through it all pretty much immediately, and it’s as inspiring and beautiful as you would expect. I know I’m going to be rereading it again and again this winter. It makes me want to draw, and paint and screen print, and never stop… It also makes me want to head over to Studio Violet and go shopping, but that will have to wait.

Mountains embroidery, originally uploaded by lori hutchinson.

Here it is. All finished! This one took a really long time to finish, but there are some things I would change about the way I work next time.

I had some difficulties getting it to iron out smoothly at the end of it all. I’m fairly new to ironing in general. Anyone have any tips?

It’s still very snowy here, and the weather forecast says we’re getting our first winter storm tonight. What were the last three days then? Friday night we passed three car accidents while navigating our way home. None seemed very serious, but people were sliding off the road.

I like the snow, as long as I’m not out in it.

Last night we baked sugar cookies and did some watercolour doodling. I love watercolour.


I think it’s just about finished as of today.


I like this photo of Hamilton taken from the highway last weekend, although the smell wasn’t so good.

view from my window

Lastly, the view from my window today. I love the snow. I am so glad to have it. I definitely miss it when I am in Toronto, where it doesn’t come till January (at least it seems that way). It’s been snowing non-stop the last two days, and I love it. Just 20 minutes south there is nothing, but here we are in a little winter bubble.


I am a little behind on posting photos from Second Storie, but here they are. The weekend was really amazing with so many kind, and creative people who were a part of it! I’ll post photos of what I came home with later.

Second Storie 2009

I love the banners.


Beautiful jewelery by Foundling

Abby Try Again

Photo prints by Abby Try Again

Vicki Hartman

I love Vicki Hartman’s ceramics.

The Maple Ridge

Quirky artwork by the Maple Ridge

This is my favourite recipe at the moment: G-Nut Special Sauce and Sweet Potatoes

Sorry I don’t have a photo of it*, but I assure you it is delicious, and also totally substitute friendly. Cumin spiced sweet potatoes, with spinach, and a delicious peanut butter sauce. It uses a couple more dishes than I would like, but it’s always worth it. We’ve tried it with squash too!


*but here is a gratuitous photo of Conor from this summer.

I so want to order this tape by Rob Ryan, but I’m going to exercise self control. It makes me think back to so many winters past, walking in the cold and snow, thinking about life…

To purchase it, or check out more of Rob Ryan’s work, visit his shop here.

Found via Inside Out Blog.

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