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Mountains embroidery, originally uploaded by lori hutchinson.

Here it is. All finished! This one took a really long time to finish, but there are some things I would change about the way I work next time.

I had some difficulties getting it to iron out smoothly at the end of it all. I’m fairly new to ironing in general. Anyone have any tips?

It’s still very snowy here, and the weather forecast says we’re getting our first winter storm tonight. What were the last three days then? Friday night we passed three car accidents while navigating our way home. None seemed very serious, but people were sliding off the road.

I like the snow, as long as I’m not out in it.

Last night we baked sugar cookies and did some watercolour doodling. I love watercolour.


Hello, my name is Lori. I live near Toronto, Canada. This is where I keep my inspirations, ideas, projects, and updates.


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