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Feb 27 2010

Feb 27 2010

Feb 27 2010

Feb 27 2010

The snow is really coming down these days. Our little path to the road needs shoveled out daily, but the snow blows and fills it in each night.


storm Dec 9th 2009

The big storm came this morning. It’s not doing much now, but when I woke up I could hardly see out the window. It’s supposed to come back later on today. I would like to take some photos outside, but I don’t want to leave the house.

Camilla Engman suitcase series

This came in the mail yesterday, and I am so excited! I’ve flipped through it all pretty much immediately, and it’s as inspiring and beautiful as you would expect. I know I’m going to be rereading it again and again this winter. It makes me want to draw, and paint and screen print, and never stop… It also makes me want to head over to Studio Violet and go shopping, but that will have to wait.

Wild apples, originally uploaded by hello trees.

These are some of the many wild apple trees in the areas nearby. These ones were brilliant red and very sweet. I want to pick all of the apples I see. If I did, I would have quite a lot.

tree, originally uploaded by hello trees.

From our hike last month in the Flesherton hills. This tree is so pretty with all of the fungus growing all the way up!