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Apple Yarn Drawing, originally uploaded by hello trees.

This is another one of my favourite photos from A Simple Book. My husband and I bought a full bushel of Cortland apples from a nearby orchard in Meaford in October, and we still have quite a few left. When I was photographing my little apple yarn drawing, it was the perfect setting. I love the combination.

I am also selling some of the yarn drawings from the book here, because they are really cute on their own too!


New yarn, originally uploaded by hello trees.

We’re moving in three days. I’m finding myself worrying about silly things like not being able to go to all of the stores I am used to. We’re moving two hours away. Way out of the city.

I am going to miss a lot of people, but I am hoping it will be a good change in other ways. We will see. I just need a teleportation device and I will be all set, to visit any time.

The spell checker says “teleportation” is not a word. Hmm.

I rode my bike to Kensington Market this morning and stopped by Lettuce Knit where I got this lovely super soft organic cotton yarn by Blue Sky Alpacas in case you are wondering. I love the pattern and colour! I have something special planned for it.

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